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Welcome Fellow Seeker!

Check out our life changing products that have helped thousands of people before you. Take advantage of our years of trial and error on the journey of spiritual growth and enlightenment . As you will see we believe in quality rather than quantity. These personal development programs are not only the best on the planet but very much unlike anything you will find anywhere else.


Each product has been created by our founder, the famous hypnotherapist and author, Shafin de Zane. Everyday we receive more and more testimonials from around the world how people are experiencing life transformation by using our products. Now its your turn to change your life for the better...


For every product, our standard guarantee applies: "Try it, if you are not 100% satisfied with products, let us know within 60 days and get your full money back within 48 hours". And if you are happy, buy some more and tell your friends too.


Foundation Programs


The 7 Day Life Coaching Foundation Course (Free)

From USA to Uruguay, Australia to Azerbaijan, Ireland to India... thousands of seekers of true knowledge enroll in this free life coaching course every month to turn their lives around. What looks like "yet another self help course" quickly turns into a journey they could not have even dreamed about. Jam packed with some of the most powerful principles of personal development and focusing on the key areas of life, this course will change the way you look at life forever. If you are visiting our store for the first time, start here before you do anything else.
Click Here - Free Life Coaching E-Course


Awakening To The Infinite eBook (Free)

A map of the journey of authentic spiritual awakening. This little book will save you years of unnecessary experimenting and offer you a straight forward map for experiencing the true spiritual awakening in the shortest possible time. Whether you are a beginner or searching for answers for many years, this book is an invaluable guide for your journey.
Click Here - Awakening To The Infinite

Redefine Your Reality eBook + Audio/Video Package
Here is where it all started. The book that has changed literally thousands of lives. Quite possibly the only self help or new age book available today that takes you step by step from beginning your spiritual journey to learning to see beyond the material obvious to spiritual healing to attraction and relationships and mastering the law of attraction and visualization. But that's not all. The final twist comes when the reader is introduced to a truly advanced level of spiritual growth... the realm of the miraculous. In this level the seeker goes beyond white magic and learns the art of effortless miracles. A true mind bender and foundation program for all our students.
Click Here - eBook + Audio Video Package

Guided Meditation - Miracles Today!
The essential training for the new age warriors of light - meditation. This guided meditation program was originally created exclusively for our inner circle of coaching students. However due to huge requests, it was released to public in the fall of 2009. Ever since this meditation program has received stories that can only be called miraculous. This program incorporates two of the most powerful techniques known to man for rapid success: hypnosis and brain entrainment technology. A everyday discipline for all serious students of spirituality and seekers of spiritual enlightenment.
Click Here - Guided Meditation Miracles Today!

Advanced Mind Programming

All programs in our Advanced Mind Programming Series are approximately 1 hour long and layered with two super powered transformational tools known to man - professional hypnotic induction and cutting edge brain entrainment technology. Combining the effects of these two mind altering super tools, you are guaranteed to experience unbelievable results in a very short time. 

The Dream Manifestor
This is one of our truly unique programs that supercharges your journey of manifesting your dreams and material success. This audio program is designed to keep the listener on track with their goals and dreams, motivate daily and keep reminding some of the most powerful success principles known to mankind. Repeated listening not only changes ones belief system in the deep subconscious mind level but also creates powerful inspiring states that supercharges the listener to move forward immediately. The result? Fast inspired action in the right direction with massive energy and total focus.
Click Here - Dream Manifestor

Home Study Course

5 Essential Mindsets Of Magnetically Attractive Men
Another one of our life changing programs designed for men. Over 9 hours of intense audio program + powerful principles of "deep inner game" is installed within the mind of the listener using a mind altering trance like state. This program goes deep within the subconscious to reprogram erroneous programming that most men learn from childhood (and don't even know they have them within). This is a program that covers some of the most powerful discoveries in the field of the psychology of attraction. The mind programming session is designed to re-program the mind on a deep subconscious level. Repeated listening will not only turn you into a man who is attracts feminine women like a magnet, but also make you a leader of men who is followed by other men like an elder brother.
Click Here - The "5 Mindsets" Program

Personal Coaching Sessions

If you are interested to learn directly from Shafin de Zane, if you are ready to make a leap in personal growth and evolution, this is your opportunity. Whether you call it mentoring, training or coaching, Shafin believes having a one-on-one coaching program can accelerate your success and take you to a whole new level of being that is simply not possible by reading a book or going through a product. With the added insight and perspective of a skilled coach, you’ll be able to forward yourself to what is most important to you and accelerate your life, work, and play. So if you are looking for answers to deeper questions in life, or need some strength to make it through a difficult time, or help in making a jump in personal growth, this is your chance to get help from a world class author, teacher and mentor.

Click Here - Personal Coaching with Shafin de Zane


Our Partner Programs

Our partner programs are a selection of the finest personal development and new age programs available on the market today. These are programs that have personally benefited Shafin on his own journey and we can vouch for it 100%. However, please note that we do not own these programs or the companies and we cannot provide any support technical or otherwise if you purchase from them. That said, rest assured, these products are from highly reputed individuals and companies and many of our students purchase from them regularly.

5 Rituals From Tibet
An amazing yoga ritual that came for the mystical mountains of Himalayas. Discovered in the 1930s, today the Five Rituals are almost forgotten and only a handful of individuals know about it... individuals such as actor Martin Sheen, author John Gray personally recommends this. This is a highly recommended daily exercise program that we recommend to all our students. Just like daily meditation is essential for the mind, this yogic method of renewal and rejuvenation is essential for the body.
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We hope you will use these powerful and life changing products and help make this world a better place. Thank you for being here. Do tell your friends too.

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